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 Candela ~ Group Member

Candela is a political forum to communicate, discuss, and satirize Issues of the day related to United States policies, politics and government.

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Blog Contributor ~ The Ancient Digger

Blog Contrubutor


Dictated to her profession The Ancient Digger’s Dr. Laura consistently creates an experience for  history lovers, around the world. Her posts are always fascinating ,  provocative and colorful on many levels. We are happy to acknowledge the creator of The Ancient Digger here at The Carlsvilleproject Group. If ancient cultures, medieval  history, castles or ,weaponry are your bag,  tour “The Ancient Digger” for an  experience you will surely dig too.



After years of working and owning restaurants, I decided to make a change. This change was not exactly welcomed with open arms considering the state of the economy was a huge factor for my decision to leave the restaurant business, before it got any worse. I was heartbroken and lost, but I found salvation when I went back to school.

I decided to go back to school 2 years ago and work tirelessly towards a PhD in Medieval European Archaeology. It’s a long road and it’s been bumpy, but ever since I was a child there were only two things I ever wanted to do, and that was cook and dig in the dirt. I’ve already accomplished one of my dreams, so I figured life was to short to live the same day twice.



Links to all of my sites:

Stonecipher News–  

The TravelSphere–  

Ancient Digger–  

Friends Revolution–  

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Blog contributor ~ Just Because

Blog Contributor ~ Just Because


Funny, sometimes moving and always enjoyable, “Just  Because” is a whimsical, English  work of

Maria del Carmen Polo Soler.


From the sophisticated city of Madrid Spain, Maria is a prolific blogger and writes about her life, travels, family, successes , struggles, hobbies and interests. A poet and artist, Maria shares her broad world views with us daily and we are better for it.

I would like to thank Maria for her contributions and encourage all with common interest to visit her on any or all of her blogs.


My Other Blogs & sites:

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Blog Contributor ~ My Tea Party Chronicle

Blog Contributor ~ My Tea Party Chronicle

Cheryl Pass

I am a professional artist living in North Carolina, where I have a studio under the oak trees at my home. There is a history of credentials and experience you can read about on my website. Suffice it to say that I am in love with colors, painting, and drawing…. AND.. because a girl needs to make a living, you can also BUY MY PAINTINGS FROM THIS BLOG! You can even use a convenient PayPal account for any purchase. I also have  other blogs, listed below.



My Other Blogs and Sites

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Blog Contributor ~ Eu Sou Gourmet

Bog Contributor ~ Eu Sou Gourmet

Specializing in the finest  Portuguese Cuisine

EuSouGourmet is for all people who love to eat, or go eating out! I report all my visits and reviews about restaurants and chefs. I also add my recipes and techniques, as well as recipes and techniques from chefs that I like.

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Blog Contributor ~ Adventures With Wendy


Blog Contributor ~ Adventures With Wendy

Wendy Farha


I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I love life, I love living, and I love the thought of encouraging people to pursue their dreams. I’m a pilgrim, just like you, walking along this path we call life. I started this blog when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009. I hope it encourages you to read it as much as it encourages me to write it!

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Bog Contributor ~ Songbook

Bog Contributor ~ Songbook



Songbook is a wonderful music blog with a focus on vintage music and video. this site is updated frequently and is linked to the Carlsvilleproject Website’s “Roaring Twenties ” page.

Songbook boasts the following general topics. We encourge you to check out “Songbook.”

About + notes to the visitor

Composers and Lyricists

Feature Pages

Featured songs by decade

Jazz Age

Performing Artist features


Swing Era

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Blog Contributor ~ Delineating Art


Blog Contributor ~   Delineating Art

Welcome to my blog, Delineating Art. I hope you find it entertaining and informative. If you are on Facebook, be sure to Become a Fan. All posts are updated directly to the newsfeed. While there, be sure to introduce yourself and your blog or website… post your art, photography, and start a discussion! Art should exist in the open, should be discussed, should be enjoyed.
Happy reading and happy blogging!





I am an artist living in Hawaii. I grew up in California and envisioned a very settled life for myself as a biologist… but life has a funny way of making you confront yourself. Too many twists and turns to recount, but somehow ended up living in Boston, Hawaii, then Japan and art seemed to just follow wherever I went… perhaps I seek out what my passion is? Who really can say? But certainly I believe that everything in life is connected… every thought comes to fruition.

Elaine Cheung

Honolulu, HI, United States


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Remember Our Humanity








As I watched the suffering of the Haitian people I felt helpless and small in the wake of this human disaster. I watched mothers who had lost children, children who had lost parents, volunteers who had lost limbs and nearly their lives and felt sick because I cannot be there, I cannot pass out water, give bread or wash a face.

So I prayed and realized that I am doing what I can do. Please all my friends do what you can do as well. A prayer..a thought..a dollar, a phone call, a post…Lets  show our humanity in any way we can.



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Carlsvilleproject ~ Health ~ Fitness ~Awareness



The focus of Carlsvilleproject ~ Health ~ Fitness & Awareness promotes  mental and physical health through nutritionial information, Site Referrals for specific medical information , prevenitive health measures, and links to a vast amount of information.

Quality of life is a focus and one will find a holistic approach toward that end for men,women, the disabled and the elderly.

Cooking, nutrition,H1N1 updates, senior health, aging process, exercise and fitness, understanding mental health concepts and supporting events like National Breast Cancer Awareness Month will all be found on the Carlsvilleproject site. One will also find and extensive library here for medications as well as disease, and symptoms checkers.

Carlsvilleproject Health~Fitness & Awareness may be accessed through this link:

or through the link found in the blog roll.

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